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Online Ordering New User Requests


Trust staff without an existing user account for online ordering can request a New User Setup by submitting the following information to one of our Buying Systems Coordinators.


Account Holder Full Name (including forename and surname)

Email address

Requisition point numbers if known (these are 6-digit codes usually consisting of 2 letters and 4 numbers i.e. QH1234)

Department name and location

Authorising Line Manager Name (Budget Holder Name)

Authorisation Limit (if applicable - this will be subject to verification with your Finance department)

Systems required (Oracle iProc / eSeries Integra / Supply Chain Online)


Please note that systems access requests for eSeries Integra also requires submission of a 'Request for Use of Finance Systems' form that has been signed by your Line Manager. This can be found below, and should be sent to a Buying Systems Coordinator with your New User Request.


Contact details for Buying Systems Coordinators can be found on the contact us page.

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